Made by hand, designed by heart- Resa living’s Timeless Gold plated Jewelry pieces

March 15, 2017

Made by hand, designed by heart- Resa living’s Timeless Gold plated Jewelry pieces


We invite you to join us on a journey to discover the story behind Resa living's jewelry collection and how it is created by hand, we want to share with you how we chose the group of artisans that we work with in Nepal.
Nepal and Kathmandu are known, among other things for the beautiful mountain ranges, ornately decorated temples and colorful textiles. There is here a creative hub where artisans, craftsmen and women showcase their traditional woven pieces and religious statues.  It possesses an energy that made Theresa want to work with these skilled craftsmen on combining their heritage and skill with her contemporary designs. Resa Living started to work with a talented group of jewelers in 2016 and this is the story of why we chose this group of craftsmen and women.


As we entered the workshop of the artisans who now make our Jewelry, we immediately felt the freshness of the colorful garden and the soft breeze that brought along the sweet scent of Jasmine flowers. We could also see the hustle and bustle among the artisans busy in crafting their designs and working with such care and precision to every detail the pieces deserved. Looking at them we recalled those awe inspiring temples of Kathmandu with their striking golden sculptures, the historical signs and symbols engraved with a deep rooted meaning and vibrant art and designs that are in every corner of the city. All of these inspired us to create something beautiful, yet unique for our Jewelry collection.

Hoping to gain knowledge about their life and passion we casually talked to them.  We discovered that most of them have been in this line of work for the past 15 to 20 years and financially supporting their families and some had recently joined the team.  Some of them had acquired the skills from their parents while others from a formal training. But the most amazing part was how they worked with all kinds of handmade tool with such ease and perfection.  Seeing their skill and passion for craftsmanship sparked in us a hope for potential collaboration which came true later. Because of their excellent craftsmanship we were further encouraged to add a hint of Nordic coolness in our designs complementing their local skills. 

We work very closely with our artisans to offer you the best quality and designs. We make sure that every piece you get is uniquely crafted and made with utmost care and dedication. We also believe in supporting those artisans so that their skills and craftsmanship can be further passed down to their coming generation. We hope you will enjoy our collection as much as we enjoy making them.

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