Resa Living and Tibet Charity making an impact

November 08, 2018

Resa Living and Tibet Charity making an impact

Kindness is my religion

Our meeting with Tibet Charity and the work we now can support.

For a while we at Resa Living have been following the important work done by Tibet Charity in both Nepal and India, where they for 20 years have been strengthening the communities of Tibetan refugees.Supporting further education, animal Vet clinic and general support where required.

So it was a delight when I (Theresa) met with two amazing women from Tibet Charity over a cup of coffee during the summer.We shared so many values about how we treat other people, cultures and how we should make a good lasting impact where we work. We shared a passion for making sure that we should do something kind and with impact.

It was with this in mind we at Resa Livng came up with two silver bracelets;one for Him and one for Her. Where 50% of the profit from the sales goes to Tibet Charity and their grat work.

Working together making a difference through Design with Heart.

They are simple and elegant but with a very important and beautiful quote by the wise14th Dalai Lama; KINDNESS IS MY RELIGION.

He said; My religion is very simple.My religion is kindness

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Resa Living work with a number of marginalised communities in Nepal and through our work we can build skill and make a fair business model that benefits all people working in our production.

Without them one of this would be possible and without beautiful customers this would not be sustainable.


We look forward to updating you on the work we support that Tibet Charity does. See their website to explore more:

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