Customer's Testimonials

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Nichole Ann reviewed Resa living — 5 star 

I am very attracted to the concept of Resa Living - working with local communities, particularly women, to build and promote their skill and talent, as well as giving them an opportunity to have a market for their products. This is how you empower women and thereby families and communities. The idea to use vintage saris, with designs that are no longer made is a brilliant way to preserve some of Nepal's history. It also guarantees that each piece is one of a kind, which gives you a special feeling and that you are part of something bigger than yourself. Theresa shares with you the back story to each piece and how it empowered and helped the community - this I think makes it more than just buying beautiful clothes and accessories, you feel like you are part of someone else's story. This is truly being a conscious consumer and understanding how we are all connected.


Di Argueta reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Absolutely beautiful! The unique handmade items I have bought in Resa Living are one of a kind. Friends always give me compliments when I wear the brass necklaces that have the Nepali coins and the stones. This week I got two clutches in golden tones and I can't wait to wear them. From the packaging to the superb finishing in each one of the products, Resa Living will surely impress anyone looking for high-quality, sustainable handcrafted accents. I'm excited to see Resa Living's new creations!


 Eri Mathers Suzuki reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Whenever I go to Resa Living, I go home with armful of items. This includes beautiful summery cushions for our living room, vintage Sari dresses and wool vests that my daughters adore, leather items (lap top case, shoulder bags, clutch), and decoration items, etc. Some of them are for daily use but it is also excellent place to find presents - quality design + manufactured in Nepal + its cause in support of sustainable fashion industry make them a special souvenir. Highly recommended. I hope more 'boys' stuff lines up!


 Monique Kovacs Nathan reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Theresa's designs are modern yet incorporate a traditional flair. Her products are beautifully made, with great attention to detail. Aside from her high-quality products, her designs support hundreds of people. She employs artisans whose skills are disappearing in the globalized, fast-fashion market. She employs marginalized women, affording them the opportunity to support their families and receive training to advance in their own careers. I love wearing her jewelry and clothes, and her home accents are wonderful. It also feels good to know that her designs help so many people get training and maintain deep traditions in artisanship.


Siena Fleischer reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Theresa is a designer with incredible heart. She is creating a socially conscious business that builds livelihoods while producing unique pieces with repurposed materials. Model work, and she deserves a huge round of applause! Proud to know this sleek designer with an eye for opportunity and a strong commitment to sustainability. I love the Himalayan inspired jewelry, delicate sari tunics, and soft leather bags. Don't miss out. Check out Resa Living today!


Nicole Umemoto reviewed Resa living — 5 star

I have a colourful Copenhagen Clutch, a felted wool cushion cover and some beautiful drop earrings from Resa Living. All the products are stylish and feel unique as they are not mass-produced. It nice to buy from a sustainable company and I love the fusion of Nepali and Scandinavian design!


 Clare Murray reviewed Resa living — 5 star

I have purchased many items from Resa Living as I think the products and concepts are a winning combination. I couldn't resist the items when I could see how well made beautiful they were! I got 2 of the buffalo leather bags ( a satchel for my husband's Christmas present, which he absolutely loves!). My bag is really strong and is a great size. 

I have the brass tray and coasters which is such a conversational starter when hosting as it's so original. I have the cashmere poncho and my daughter has the beautiful cardigan lined with vintage sari. Really unique products, highly recommend!


Kimberly Ann reviewed Resa living — 5 star

I fell in love with Resa Living products while here in Kathmandu!! Stunning products made with love and ethical production practices. You know you'll have a piece that will not only look beautiful, but help make someone else's life more beautiful too!


Samantha Ludwig reviewed Resa living — 5 star                                                         


Ryna Sherazi reviewed Resa living — 5 star

I have two copper tray/ occasional tables and a stunning gemstone necklace. I get compliments on both frequently. So well made, and great personal shopping experience. Highly recommend.


 Tammy Ruvino reviewed Resa living — 5 star

I love the high quality unique products from Resa living. Very professional website with fantastic concepts and ideas! You can feel the love and care that has gone into the design. Looking forward to supporting 'Resa Living' and being a part of its success.


 Maria Hovden Perry reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Excellent quality products, including beautiful and unique dresses and accessories. My favorite is the earrings and little girls dresses.


Nicola Weir reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Shopping at ResaLiving is one of my favourite pastimes! Such well made, beautiful products.


 Heather Hatch Rogers reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Stunning product and quick delivery! Give them a try!!!!!


Crystaline Kline Randazzo reviewed Resa living — 5 star


Deepika Juliana Neupane reviewed Resa living — 5 star

Absolutely loved the initiative you've taken. Also, the quality of the products you make is commendable. It truly is one of a kind!