Resa Tray

Nepal has a rich history for metal work for temples and it is the same amazing craftsmanship that we use when making our trays and coasters. Our oval distressed copper tray is completely crafted by hand. Each trey has been hammered and shaped into this organic form and looks great on a table with candles. It also is superb for carrying drinks as the high sides ensures support for glasses and bottles.
The distressed look pattern in our Resa Tray takes place naturally through a traditional burning process and therefore no two trays will look exactly the same due to this. We came up with this idea as we needed a stable tray to carry breakfast and drinks which were made using beautiful hand hammered metal but not be too heavy.
This is a timeless piece that will look superb in most homes and we hope you will enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed making it.
Color: Distressed copper, a bit like a turtle shell but refer to the given images for best impression.
Size:  47 cm long x 36 cm wide, bottom measures 39 cm long x 28.5 cm wide. The sides are 5 cm high with a soft curved shape and edge.
Measurement ( in inches) : 18.5 x 14, bottom measures 15 x 11 inches and sides are 2 inches.
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