A Yellow Resa Living vintage silk and wool blanket, Limited edition only

  • This is one of our popular limited edition designs that is made out of vintage silk saris so there for carefully handpicked by our design team to make one of a kind beautiful products. A warm throw with a story, uniquely hand crafted wool and sari blanket.

  • Varm yellows, greens and creams, see images for details  
  • 135cm x 230 cm and can be beautiful on a sofa or at the end of a double bed.
  • Empowering women in Nepal.
  • Each piece is made individually with soft wool and beautiful preloved silk saris.
  • A sustainable design for your home.
  • each blanket is made by five women who with their hand felt the natural  materials together by hand.

  • Hand stitching around edges.
  • Design made by hand with heart.
  • We gift wrap and can send as beautiful gifts for someone you love. 

  • You can reverse the blanket as each side is unique due to the nature of the saris used.

    We will send them to you with a beautiful cotton bag.

  • #resalivingsustainabledesign
  • Free shipping to your door.
  • These individual vintage blankets are handmade out of old silk saris that are carefully selected and filled with natural wool therefore making them warm and soft. They are embellished at the edges through hand stitching and are one-of-a-kind crafted by skilled women outside Kathmandu for Resa Living.

  • We love these because we see them as an individual piece of art to decorate homes around the world. They can be either draped on a sofa or used as a beautiful bedspread making it a premium addition your home.

    The people behind the making of our Resa Bedspreads is a great partner who provide the women with paid maternity leave, offer them both part time and full time employment. They also provide women with opportunity to save part of their income to earn interest on their savings. This is not common in Nepal but is one of many reasons why we love to work with them. Furthermore, they also have started installing wastewater managements and rainwater harvesting facility to protect the environment.