Resa Town Pink - A Great Out Going Clutch

This unique hand weaved leather and suede bag is a fab accessory for both casual look and a deluxe look for a night out.
We have carefully selected a mix of scrap lathers to blend this combination of colors. This bag is for confident styled women who like to have something special. We have only made a few in each colorway and lined them with vintage saris. The leather loop for the wrist is practical but it is easy to take off if you don’t require it.
The mix of shades are plums, pinks and purples as seen on the images. As they are hand made form a true slow fashion perspective using left over leather, you will not find two exactly identical in weave.
We love the fact that is it made by hand and therefor has an authentic unique look and we hope you will like using it too.
23 cm x 17 cm with a zipper 20.5 cm
9 inches x 6.5 inch, zipper 8 inches
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