Himalayan Knot Of Eternity Earrings - Grey Moonstones

These handmade earrings are inspired by the mystical and beautiful Tibetan symbol of eternity, the law without beginning and end. It is said if you give a friend this symbol, it symbolizes a sign of endless friendship. That's why this design holds such a beautiful and special meaning for us. We have mixed it with a crystal and grey moonstones to compliment the gold plated brass. You can see a picture of the symbol taken at a temple in the hill of Kathmandu.

Each element is cut out by hand and manually combined with the stones. We always use silver hooks for our earrings and gold plate them. The symbols and other metal details are gold plated brass. We also have a beautiful long necklace to compliment the earrings with the same unique symbols.
Size hanging down from ear 6 cm, with hook 7 cm
Inches 2.3 inches and with hook 2.75 inches.
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