Our Story and Vision


Our Vision.

Resa Living is a lifestyle brand that is taking you on a journey where beautiful products come to life, based on a balance between beautiful design, quality and people. For us a great design is only great when baring these in mind. That is what we mean by ‘Design with heart’.
We love handmade, the unique and the rare so we carefully select each product in our collection to become a meaningful design.
We pay homage to the stories and artists that have come before us. We envision beautiful products coming to life in a harmonic balance of quality, history and stunning design. We believe in investing in the people behind our designs, so they can create better livelihoods and better lives.
We follow the principles of slow-fashion, which for us means creating quality products while treating the environment and people with care and respect. To minimize our impact on the environment we recycle whenever possible, harvest rainwater for use and prioritize eco-friendly materials.
Above all, our designs are about the people: those that create our products and those who love them and take them home. This is why we say we ‘design with heart’.
Our People

We seek out talented artisans to become our partners and create our products. It is their hands, hearts and talent that bring our designs to life. With us, we hope these artisans can improve their futures by finding a platform to learn new skills or further develop the ones they have. In investing in their talents, we hope to keep traditional artistry and craftsmanship alive for future generations.
We work with vulnerable communities in Nepal to provide opportunities to people who need them. We train young women in new skills such as pattern-making and tailoring. We work with weavers who have no eyesight or hearing, but with training are able to produce the softest cashmere. We take our social responsibility seriously, and hope our contribution will benefit growth and sustainability in Nepal.
Our Products
When it comes to our products, our philosophy is simple: only the best quality products and materials we choose to create them.
Our product designs unite the simplistic lines from Scandinavia with a kaleidoscope of colors and textures from far corners of the world to create a perfect balance of simplicity and luxury. We love handmade, the unique and the rare, and each product in our collection is carefully selected for these qualities.
We like to breathe new life into traditional techniques to make products that unite the past with the present. The sumptuous silk of a vintage sari embellishing the lining of an iPad cover, a remnant of aged leather forged into a contemporary clutch purse or an ancient Nepalese symbol gracing an elegant modern necklace. Everything has a story.




I am a Danish designer who, after a series of international adventures, has found a home living on the top of the world in Kathmandu with her husband, daughter and  gorgeous St Bernard, Lola. I love travelling, adventure, meeting new people and exploring the world as a family. I absolutely love to hang out with friends and have long conversations, walking in the hills and getting inspired by the stunning surroundings. Learning about new cultures is like oxygen to me.

I have always been passionate about knowing how products are made. It was never enough for me to just get a price and a good-looking sample. I am curious by nature, and for the last 16 years I have made a point to always get to know my suppliers and the people behind the products. This philosophy is the heart of Resa Living.

I first ventured into design in 1998, a fresh new graduate from Copenhagen in fashion and textile printing. From there my work took me to Amsterdam followed by London where I designed and bought children’s wear and accessories for the biggest retailer in the UK. Here I also established a successful interior design brand and enjoyed using my creativity with many European clients. I am fascinated by skilled craftsmanship where artists can make unique designs by hand and this is one of many ways that Nepal has captured my heart. Here I have found an unending magical rainbow of colors, texture and materials – a heaven of creativity for me. Through my interest in sustainable production and slow fashion, I have found partners who share the same compassion for people. I have discovered a space to play and make contemporary designs and timeless classics using materials and techniques that could bring the vision of Resa Living to life.

I have a soft spot for vintage fabrics, and the stories they tell make it a joy to select the fabrics we use. I love the all the different methods of printing and embellishment, from 1950s graphics to modern stripes and patterns, from old hand-woven rugs to tapestries, wall hangings and beautiful vintage saris. This is why our Resa Living signature designs use unique and beautiful fabrics, whether hand-made cotton made by amazing women outside Bhaktapur, or incredible woven leather made out of leftover pieces – making our styles one of a kind.

I chose the peacock feather as our logo because the peacock with its many beautiful colors unfolds it wings and embraces the world while it strolls along like there is no limit to what it can achieve. I live by the motto “Dream as if dreaming makes it so”. I love the idea that we can make our dreams come true – and that when time is right, our dreams will come true.