Peacock Emerald Necklace - Light green shade

  • Elegant Peacock coin with Emeralds
  • Delicate and feminine
  • Adjustable length

This design is a delicate neck piece with a small and elegant peacock amulet in the centre. Accompanying the peacock coin, we have the carefully selected Emerald beads that run from the centre up to the collar bone. This necklace is gold plated in brass and has adjustable length with two loops, it also accentuates the feminine side of the wearer and complements them equally on both the casual and party wear.

Measurement: 27 cms when worn. Comes with the option of readjusting it to 24.5 cms.

Each piece of this beautiful necklace is made individually by hand. We pack all our jewelry in our gift boxes so it is easy to present as a gift to someone special. We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

You can see our video about how we make our jewelries by following the drop down menu to the section: Our Story. You are welcome to read our Jewelry care advise by clicking on the Advice button in the homepage.