Toujour - Limited edition Bespoke Bags

- Beautiful Hand Woven details
- Fashionable in Coral
- Fab for casual & party wear
A true slow fashion bag in butter soft suede and remnant sheep leather.
This unique hand weaved leather and suede bag is a fab accessory for both casual look and a deluxe look for a night out.
We have carefully mixed remnant leather and sude in coral to make a few beautiful cross over bags. They can also be used as clutches.
This bag is for confident styled women who like to have something special. It is a great summer colour and we have lined itwith vintage saris. The leather strap is adjustable and can also be taken off completly.
Each bag i hand woven using scraps of leathers as we work towards a zero waist goal.
As they are hand made form a true slow fashion perspective using left over leather, you will not find two exactly identical in weave.
We love the fact that is it made by hand and therefor has an authentic unique look and we hope you will like using it too.
20 cm high x 28 cm wide
great YKK zipper
Dog hooks to detach
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